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The Deeper Dive – Series Overview

Our relationships with other men are vital to fulfilling the mission God gives us. They are designed to draw us, and those who know us, closer to God. But do they?

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This three-part series explores the following topics:

1. Why Do My Friendships Feel One Dimensional?
Christian men tend to see each other only in a few familiar settings: church, small group, men's fellowship. This may add up to multiple hours spent together each week, but do we know those men the way we want to?

2. Does Waiting to Talk Count as Listening?
When you think of a recent conversation with a male friend was it mostly them talking or you? The dynamics of our conversations with other men plays a vital role in the depth of our friendships.

3. What Are Your Friendships Costing You?
In the age of convenience, do you want to be a man who embraces the inconvenient aspects of friendship?

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