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How I Found Hope in My Struggle With PTSD

After returning from active duty, Andrea suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. She protected herself with anger and bitterness. But after participating in a project aimed at helping veterans heal from trauma, that armor began to fall apart. Read one woman’s story of healing and hope.

My Story: Erik Lightle

A young man who is looking for direction finds that Jesus is the way.

Does My Sin Keep Me From God?

A cadet learns that he is forgiven because of what Christ has done for him, not by what he has done for Christ.

7 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Has Experienced Trauma

It’s hard to know how to help someone who has experienced trauma. Here are seven practical and compassionate ways you can care for your loved one.

5 Themes of Biblical Manhood

What does a real man look like? The honesty of Scripture is one of the reasons the Bible is the place to go to learn what a real man should be and do.

How to Save Your Marriage From Your Job

Couples around the world struggle with miscommunication, mistrust and stressful lifestyles. Are our jobs to blame?

Ready for Anything

A former Delta Force member gives out JESUS films to speakers of other languages.

How One Man’s Influence Can Impact the World

Sumya knew God was calling him to serve in the military and his faithfulness has shown the power of being a fruitful witness.

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