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4 Ways to Prepare Your Child for College

Practical tips for parents with children heading to college.

Making a Mission Out of Your Summer

Summer vacation doesn't have to mean taking a break from telling others about Christ. Here are a few helpful suggestions to have a meaningful and fun summer.


You care about your high school, undergrad, or grad student. So do we.

College Bound

Discover Cru at college. Learn how to prepare for the transition from high school. Connect with Christian community; grow your faith. Find a local Cru community today!

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40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children

Dennis and Barbara Rainey give ideas about how to focus on biblical priorities to help your kids grow in faith and godly character.

Stepping Up As a Dad

I realized I needed to be intentional in raising my children. Fortunately, I had a good model.

Pressure From Friends

3 convictions parents should follow to help their kids resist peer pressure.

Couple Becomes Foster Parents After Radio Broadcast

Tennessee family responds to radio program by hosting foster children.

My Story: Our Call to Adopt

When our youngest child turned 18, my husband, Greg, thought that we could relax, enjoy our grandchildren, and just “grow old together.” But in my heart I knew that we weren’t complete … I wanted to adopt. Greg did not feel the same way.

A Dad's Advice on the Best Presents (Yes, Duct Tape)

A helpful list of ideas for dads from a father on Father’s Day.

How to Help Your Kids Be Thankful

Is complaining ever an issue in your family? Here are 10 tips to replace common whining with gratitude.

20 Ideas for Busy Parents

With today’s endless activities, sometimes families find little time to actually be at home. Here are some tips for busy parents.

How to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day

Discover significant yet simple ways to honor your mom on Mother’s Day this year.

How Your Kids Can See the World Like a Missionary

We’ve compiled six ways to inspire your children to learn and care about the peoples of the world.

Children Need Praying Parents

Rob Flood helps parents understand what their children most need: praying parents.

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