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Why Do So Many Kids Leave The Church?

Christian parents want their children to grow up to walk with Christ. So we’re dismayed when we see so many leaving the church as young adults.

The FamilyLife Today® iPhone App

Find daily encouragement for your marriage and family right at your fingertips with the free FamilyLife Audio iPhone, iPad, and iTouch app.

FamilyLife Launches Short, Inexpensive Marriage Event

The Art of Marriage is a 1-1/2 day conference you can host in your community.

The Unmasking of an Online Affair

It began as a search on I was looking for college friends when Danny’s name just popped into my head.* I shot him a quick e-mail, and he responded from overseas. And so began a three-year online affair that almost destroyed two families.

My Story: Our Call to Adopt

When our youngest child turned 18, my husband, Greg, thought that we could relax, enjoy our grandchildren, and just “grow old together.” But in my heart I knew that we weren’t complete … I wanted to adopt. Greg did not feel the same way.

Marriage Reconciled Despite Infidelity

Taiwanese woman trusts God to bring her unfaithful husband back.

A Day Together

A United Kingdom couple discovers biblical principles for their marriage.

7 Essentials for the Christian Life

What is non-negotiable for your faith?

10 Survival Tips for Stepfamily Life

Many couples travel to the “foreign country” of stepfamily living with little or no preparation.

Why the 50/50 plan fails in marriage

Meeting each other halfway sounds like a good plan, but it won’t make for a healthy marriage.

Would they throw away 22 years of marriage?

When Tracey learned her husband was having an affair with his ex-wife, their marriage seemed hopeless.

A Second Chance After Divorce

A couple’s marriage ends, but the husband doesn’t give up.

Their marriage was a train wreck

Roger and Tonya Haskin had no clue about marriage.


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