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Being Loved by God is Better Than Being Loved by People

Mimi Bailey's story of how Christ changed her life.

Seahawks’ Okung Describes His Faith Story

Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung describes his faith journey. Russell changed from a man who was self-sufficient to one who trusted God for everything.

Do You Feel Like You Are Enough?

Unmet expectations, anxiety and comparison can rob us of an accurate picture of ourselves. Learn how to look past the struggles and find the source of your true identity.

Being An Introvert In An Extrovert’s World

Three insightful steps that can help introverts navigate living in an extroverted world while understanding their unique wiring.

Our Identity In Christ

Our new relationship with Christ redefines who we are and where we put our confidence. In Jesus we discover all we need to be holy and to belong.


Jesus is our only source of true righteousness. We become self-righteous when we try to validate our worth through our strengths, relationships, position or actions.

Do People Think I’m Overreacting?

Have you noticed that when life seems to press you on all sides, the black mold of your heart surfaces…or is that just me?

Bullying Almost Broke Me

I never wanted to forgive those who hurt me.

How Do You Measure Your Value?

Finding a lasting sense of value and self-worth is a challenge we all face. Where do you think your value comes from?

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