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A Goodie Goodie Hypocrite

It could be said that I grew up in the church, however, my heart was not entirely in it.

My Story: Leslie Davis

I have gone to church all my life. But, my view of God was different, says Leslie Davis whose life was changed through the influence of her friends and a thought provoking presentation of the Truth of Jesus Christ.

How to Trust God Through Failure

The story of how God used the power of community to help one man learn to trust God through failure.

We Are Jars of Clay

This collection of spoken and written reflections on life, finding joy in suffering, and our conquering Savior, will inspire you to proclaim Jesus as Lord in any and every circumstance.

How to Know Your Position in Christ

The Christian life is a journey to become who you already are in Christ. Growing in our understanding of what God says is true of us makes all the difference in living with purpose and satisfaction.

Lies Women Believe

For many women, there is a disconnect between what they know intellectually and what they feel to be true. And therein lies one of our problems: we trust what we feel to be true rather than what we know to be true.

Do You Feel Like You Are Enough?

Unmet expectations, anxiety and comparison can rob us of an accurate picture of ourselves. Learn how to look past the struggles and find the source of your true identity.

Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional for December 23 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Being An Introvert In An Extrovert’s World

Three insightful steps that can help introverts navigate living in an extroverted world while understanding their unique wiring.

Drowning? You May Be Spiritually Discouraged, But You Can Stay Afloat

How to stay afloat during spiritual discouragement.

Embracing Our Ethnicity

Every human being has an ethnicity. This means each one of us has a language, culture and values, and we share physical characteristics common to a group, or groups, of people. We should all embrace our ethnicity because God has made all of us.

Our Identity In Christ

Our new relationship with Christ redefines who we are and where we put our confidence. In Jesus we discover all we need to be holy and to belong.


Jesus is our only source of true righteousness. We become self-righteous when we try to validate our worth through our strengths, relationships, position or actions.

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