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A Goodie Goodie Hypocrite

It could be said that I grew up in the church, however, my heart was not entirely in it.

The Obedience of Faith

Titus is one of the more neglected books of the New Testament, but it is rich with truth. There are two key observations you should help your disciple discover. They will unlock the treasures of this book.

Part 3

Depending on God in suffering.

Part 2

Entering suffering honestly.

Part 1

Embracing suffering as part of the journey.

Wonderstruck: Chapter Excerpt

In Wonderstruck, Margaret invites you to unearth the extraordinary moments in every day life, recognize the presence of God in the midst of your routine, and discover peace in knowing you’re wildly loved.

Who Needs Courage? You Do!

This downloadable devotional will challenge you to think about courage and why Christians need it. The world may not require us to be brave, but the Word of God does.

Today's Promise

Daily devotionals written by Dr. Bill Bright that highlight the promises in God's Word. It provides a verse to ponder, a suggested passage of scripture to read, and a daily action point.

Thirsty: A Devotional on the Holy Spirit

Our most comprehensive - and visually appealing - teaching on the ministry of the Holy Spirit is now formatted for optimal viewing on tablets. For free!

The Suffering Series

You don't have to suffer alone. Journey with us through this 3-part series on dealing with suffering.

Spending a Day With the Lord

The need to withdraw, the right perspective, and suggestions on what to do.

In Search of Natural Light

Getting back to the authentic light in our relationship with Christ.

Ready for Life

Ready for life after college? This is a 21-Day Devotional on seeking God’s will in life decisions.

Reading the Gospels Wisely

Did you know it’s misinformed to think of the Gospels as just biographies or a collection of Jesus vignettes? Or that we bypass the true intent of the Gospel authors? Like a trusty compass, Reading the Gospels Wisely helps to orient us.

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