Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ Int’l President to Step Down in 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ International has initiated a process to select its next president. Following are questions associated with this process.

  1. Why is Steve Douglass stepping down as President of Cru? How long has this transition been in consideration?

    From time to time in recent years, Steve and the rest of the Board of Directors have discussed and prayed about how much longer he should serve in his current role. The decision has consistently been for Steve to continue. More recently, over a number of months, Steve felt the Lord telling him that it is time to step aside as president.

    He has had several health issues that have reduced his availability, energy and focus. Also godly, gifted leaders are in place and able to lead into the future.

    At the February Board meeting Steve shared what God had been revealing to him. After discussing and praying together, they agreed that the time was right to initiate a transition process.

  2. Has a successor been determined?

    No specific person has been selected as the next president. The Board of Directors has initiated a process and will be considering a list of qualified candidates.

  3. Is there a time-frame for the succession process?

    The selection and transition process could take approximately 5-6 months.

  4. Will Cru consider someone from out-of-house?

    The body of Christ has a wealth of godly, qualified leaders, able to lead missionary organizations. We anticipate that the role of president will be filled by someone on staff with Cru.

  5. Were the realities of COVID-19 considered in the timing of this decision?

    The current global pandemic has been a sobering and serious consideration. In fact, a wise, orderly transition will allow for a new leader and team to guide the organization through what may be an extended period of time of challenge with the virus. Steve intends to continue leading Cru until a new president is in place.

  6. Will Steve and Judy continue to serve with Cru? Is there another known role that he will take on?

    God willing, Steve and Judy both plan to serve full-time with ministry of Cru. Among other roles, Steve will likely play an ongoing role in helping Cru and other ministries collaborate to see the Great Commission fulfilled.

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