Our Leadership

Javier Garcia

Vice President for Europe

Javier Garcia joined the ministry in 1981 after coming to faith through the Agape student ministry while studying Chemical engineering at the University of Zaragoza, his home town. He provided leadership to a variety of strategies in Spain and founded Athletes in Action. Realizing the importance of partnership in ministry, he often sought out opportunities for cooperation and worked with other Agape ministries. In addition to providing sustained leadership to existing ministries, Javier also pioneered the Spanish executive ministry, founding a club for business executives and other professionals called Synesis in 2002.

In 1989 Javier became the National Director of Spain. He developed his conviction that partnership combined with clear vision and a firm and supportive leadership style are essential in building up both people and ministries.

In 2006 he was appointed Director of Affairs for Western Europe. Javier is a popular speaker and Bible teacher at conferences held by a variety of denominations.

“The greatest challenge we have in ministry today is to interpret the times in which we live and give answers with the gospel,” Javier said. “We must present an attractive gospel and reach people's hearts.”

Javier and Gema live in Barcelona, Spain. They have two adult children and one grandchild. Javier enjoys life to the fullest and places great importance on maintaining “life-balance” by taking time for regular exercise (swimming), painting and walking through streets, parks and mountains to meditate, listen to the Lord and pray for passers by.


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