Our Leadership

Curt Hensley

Chairman of Impact Payments Recruiting, Impact Technology Recruiting, Impact Advisors, and Wright Hensley, LLC

Curt’s main goal in life is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to everyone on earth. His life experiences have enabled him to pursue this goal in several ways. He founded four companies, providing him with many opportunities to fund several ministries. Curt has been blessed with four skilled presidents running the companies for the past 10 years. Their skilled leadership has enabled Curt to be involved in ministry on a deeper level.

Curt has served on the boards of the Jesus Film Project®, The Barnabas Group, Bema Live and Partners in Action for the past 10 years. God has blessed him with a wonderful wife, Erin, as well as three children - Riley, Jackson and Reese. The Hensley family lives in San Diego, California.

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