Bill Bright: Memories, Stories and Memorabilia

Bill Bright: A Life in Pictures

Vonette and Bill Bright co-founded Campus Crusade in 1951 in Southern California. 

Bill Bright (right) spreads the message of God's love to California college students in the 1950s

Bill Bright accepts the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion in 1996; he donated the $1 million dollar award to Campus Crusade to further its mission.

Bill Bright shares a Campus Crusade newspaper with Olympic Decathlete and youth advocate, Rafer Johnson.

In July 2001, Bill Bright (right) was succeeded by Steve Douglass (second from right) as president of Campus Crusade.

Bill Bright speaks to some of Campus Crusade's 25,000+ staff in July 2001 as he stepped down as the organization's president. 

Children in a remote village view The Jesus Film, which has been translated into more than 1,400 languages and seen by more than 4.1 billion people worldwide. 


A group of American college students join for prayer and reflection at a Campus Crusade-led Bible study. 

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