Stories by Philip Long

Philip Long

writes for Cru's publications as a missionary journalist. He earned a master’s degree in Christian studies at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Philip balances family life along with bike riding, drawing and whittling toy cars. Contact him at

Can You Spare Some Change?

What can you do when someone asks you for change? Learn how to respond to panhandling in a God-centered way.

Reaching This Generation

Ideas to help you engage with people in a new way

3 Myths that Stop Christians from Talking About Their Faith

Learn about how a group of college students who used a simple outreach and broke common myths about sharing their faith.

Why Are Christians Afraid of Doubt?

Why doubt is not necessarily a road-block to deep faith.

When You Feel Like a Failure after Reading the Bible

Do you feel worse after reading the Bible? Perhaps there’s a better way to read the Bible.

Fatherly Love

Gary learns about God’s love as he connects with his daughter he never knew.

I Can't Repent

No amount of hand-wringing or plotting on my part is going to bring about a repentant heart.

I Shared the Gospel with Oprah

A college student explained to Oprah Winfrey how God has restored her purity and hope after experiencing the horror of rape.

How to Find Hope in the Midst of Suffering

Learn how God relates to us when we suffer through the Bible story of Job. We've compiled list of articles on different life struggles such as addiction, depression, spritual dryness, marital strife and more. If you are suffering from something specific today, browse this list of resources that can help you in your journey.

How to Find God in a Painful Life

The book of Job illustrates how we can relate to God when we suffer.

How Do I Give Thanks Even in Suffering?

Thanksgiving is no quick, easy fix, or recipe for skipping past our emotions. In fact, it’s the opposite. When your fists are balled, hold onto God who can take on any anxiety.

Why Do Encounters With God Involve Such Deep Pain?

Most life-changing encounters with God usually involve deep emotional, physical or psychological pain.

How Star Wars Resonates with the Gospel

With the new Star Wars release, a die hard fan reflects on why this story tugs on our hearts.

Depression & Anxiety: It's All in Your Head

Learn how to find hope in the midst of depression and anxiety.

What Christians Miss When They Ignore Halloween

There are ways to make Halloween a day to spread the love of Christ.

Killing lambs? Making sense of the Passover meal

Learn what the Passover meal, the setting of the Lord’s supper, means to us today.

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