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Hey, everyone. My name is Rachel Geckle, and I am the editor-in-chief of Cru Storylines™.

With everything that’s been going on in the world with the global pandemic, I’m sure we’ve all been affected. Maybe you’ve experienced the virus. Maybe you’ve contracted it or know someone who has. Maybe you’ve experienced anxiety, fear or disappointment or know someone who has. Or maybe you’ve experienced financial loss or strain or know someone who has.

I know that I’ve been affected too, and every time something like this happens or circumstances arise that may bring up anxiety or fear or even disappointment in my own life, and one of the things that’s brought me hope and peace is Psalm 23, and that’s knowing the assurance of God’s presence with us. And in the Psalm, He gives us that assurance, and He also helps us to know that He leads us, and He leads us gently. So one of my favorite parts of that verse is that, “He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.”

And we know that God is the one who restores, and He does that through Jesus, and that gives me hope and peace, and I pray that that does for you as well. And we know that God is continuing to work throughout the world to bring restoration.

And we know that one day, He will bring total and complete restoration — a world with no disease, no fear, no anxiety, no disappointment, no financial loss, no tears. We know that He will restore, and He is good. And I pray that we know that, and we would be encouraged by that message.

And so in this issue of Cru Storylines, we also talk about how God is bringing restoration through college students through digital means, and how we can all help to bring restoration to the world.

I pray that you are encouraged by this month’s issue of Cru Storylines, and I pray that God gives you the peace and hope that you need in this time.

Rachel Geckle
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Rachel Geckle

Rachel, a Pittsburgh native, serves as editor-in-chief of digital and print communications for Cru®. A 2012 graduate of Ohio University, she received a journalism degree, which so far has taken her around the U.S., to Morocco, Russia, Spain and Moldova.

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Guy Gerrard
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Guy Gerrard

Guy isn’t much of a city person. Paddling down the Wda river in northern Poland with participants of a Cru® summer mission project describes a great place for him to photograph. He likes being outside, doing anything with water, and he enjoys making things with his hands. Guy serves as a photographer for Cru.

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