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Issue 18 / May 2020

Special Message

Message from the Editor

Cru Storylines editor-in-chief Rachel Geckle shares a special message of encouragement and hope in God’s restoration.

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Peace to the Far and Near: How God Is Using Digital Ministry

Today, people rely on digital media like never before. As a result, the gospel is reaching people in new ways, including through the Power to Change online Mentor Ministry.

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Partnering on the Campus Circuit

Cru® and Circuit Riders together pioneer new ministries on college campuses in Southern California and beyond.

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When Telling Stories Goes Beyond the Campfire

On a StoryRunners® summer mission, students camp in Rocky Mountain National Park and learn Bible storying to talk about Jesus with hikers.

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“Behind every screen is a person. And behind every person is a story. And every story matters to God.”

Ken Cochrum

“Peace to the Far and Near”