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Take a minute to ask God to use this content in your heart and life.

We all have a variety of different reasons for using social media. The way you use your accounts likely looks different than the way someone else does, and that’s ok. It’s actually good because it displays to others the beautiful spectrum of personalities and passions. However you use your accounts, the Bible instructs us to “take captive every thought to obey Christ,” (2 Cor. 10:5). And our time spent on social media isn’t exempt from this. When we take a moment before posting to surrender our intent to God, we can then move forward in the confidence of Christ.

Here are a few things to think through before posting:

  • What’s my purpose for being on social media? Do you enjoy connecting with friends, sharing your hobbies, advocating for a cause? Your channel might be for sharing specific content or a variety of things from your life. As a unique person, you can have unique purposes for your social media. But we also need to remember our overarching purpose in life. Romans 8:28-29 explains that God has a purpose for us, which is to become increasingly more like Christ. It’s ok for you to use social media in one specific way or in a variety of ways. God’s ultimate purpose for you should be the foundation for your personal social media purpose.

Tip: Pause to think about how the purpose of your post connects to God’s purpose for your life.

  • How does my purpose affect my words? Social media can help us connect with different people and for different purposes – from finding a job to keeping in touch with family. But whoever we’re connecting with and whatever the reason, we need to consider how God can use our words in the lives of others. Ephesians 4:29 clarifies that God desires our speech to give grace to those who hear. Whether it’s joking, disagreeing, or sharing a simple moment of the day, we should reflect God’s heart through our words. Engaging in social media conversations while emitting the aroma of Christ is a modern-day example of being in the world but not of the world.

Tip: As you consider what to share, ask God to give you words of grace.

  • How does my purpose affect how I react? Social media affects our emotions in so many ways. It can bring highs from positive likes or hearts and lows from comparison and isolation. It can make us angry when we see things that are hurtful or that we disagree with. Colossians 3:23 reminds us to do all things as if we’re doing them for Christ rather than people. When you are not swayed by the positive or negative reception of others, you can share for Christ’s glory, and you can let things go for Christ’s glory. Whether speaking or walking away, peace will guard your heart when your motives are pure.

Tip: Ask God to reveal your motives and give you peace before you decide to respond.

In the videos below, you’ll hear a variety of personalities and purposes for social media. Their common thread is a surrendered heart and a comfortable confidence of being themselves in Christ. What about you? Is there an area of social media that you haven’t surrendered to God? Remember, social media isn’t inherently a bad thing. Jesus took time to speak to the masses, but He prioritized private prayer and personal connections with a small group of people. For you to be fully surrendered on social media, it’s important that you also spend time connecting with God and with Christian community.

When keeping in step with Jesus, you will be a light to others as you interact on social media.

Even when you aren’t sharing something spiritual, your conduct can be a testimony of someone who follows Jesus. Think of someone you know who displays authentic joy of the Lord in their life. That joy is contagious and inspiring! Your life can reach another person in the same way through a screen.

When you take a moment to remember your purpose for your words, your interactions, and your life, you can be your unique self in Christ. And that will glorify God in your self-expression on social media (and irl).

Take a few minutes to ask God what He is teaching you and what He might have you do in response. If you have next steps, write them down or share them with a friend who can help keep you accountable.

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