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Take a minute to ask God to use this content in your heart and life.

Sometimes your disciple will need help with something that you’re not sure how to handle. Many times, you may need or want to involve someone else. Depending on the issue, that could be a Cru staff member, a church leader, or a professional in their area of need.

These resources can help you know where to start as you tackle some of the issues that make you feel out of your depth.

Mental Health

If someone you know is struggling with mental health, these resources can help you get them the support they need.

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In this interview with author and psychologist Henry Cloud, learn about how defined boundaries are the key to healthy relationships.

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Take a few minutes to ask God what He is teaching you and what He might have you do in response. If you have next steps, write them down or share them with a friend who can help keep you accountable.

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