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If You Have a Smartphone You're More Equipped Than You Know

Looking for an easy way to share with others how to know Jesus Christ?  

This digital toolbox puts some of the most effective and widely used evangelistic tools on your smartphone.  

The GodTools app goes wherever you and your phone go. It will help you guide someone through a simple and straightforward explanation of the gospel as well as provide resources for follow up and growth. The 80+ languages available on the app as well as a parallel language feature will help you cross language barriers. When God gives you opportunities for spiritual conversation, you can feel prepared and confident to talk about Christ wherever you happen to be.

By simply using your phone, you can share your faith.

Included in the app are a variety of tools.  

  • Tools that share the gospel - Choose one based on the images and message that you think will best communicate with the person with whom you are sharing.

  • Tools that help you go deeper - The "Satisfied?" tool helps Christians understand how to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit and the "Questions about God" tool can help you grow in your own faith.

  • Tools that help you start conversations - The tool, "Teach Me to Share", is a good place to start if you are new to sharing your faith. Also, you can share the articles from the "Questions about God" tool with others you know are searching.

GodTools helps you communicate clearly and simply.

Here are some things we hear from our users:

  • I like using GodTools because it’s accessible, reliable and speaks to the heart with a faithful translation.

  • My life is changing - Thank you!

  • GUESS WHAT?!!! Susie just accepted Jesus into her life!!!!!!! I went to her dorm room and used the GodTools app to share with her. And then we prayed together. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!”

  • “Thank You for this app, I am a local pastor and have been searching for a simple yet biblically sound and technologically advanced method to equip my congregation with tools for outreach and evangelism. Please continue to develop this tool and promote it to the local church, I will certainly be forwarding this app to the members of our congregation.”

  • “So Great! Sharing with my phone just works! Talking about God can be awkward, but this app makes it so comfortable. And easy. Thanks for making this!”

  • I have an evangelism tool handy at all times to share with others.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write us at support@godtoolsapp.com.  We’re already working on our next version!


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