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“Just get your body there.”

A personal story of faith in evangelism.

Conda DeVries

It was Friday night, I was tired and I didn’t want to be there. Mike, Linda, and I were walking around Lake Eola, a lake in downtown Orlando known for its beautiful fountain. Yes, the changing colored lights on the fountain were pretty and the music was catchy but I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying it. As an introvert, I don’t like talking to strangers and we were there to do just that. I showed up because a friend had kindly said, “Just get your body there and ask God if He can use you.”

As we walked, I saw a young guy and gal coming our way. He was dressed in a stocking cap with long ties and fuzzy balls, jeans, a jacket, and a ring-pierced lip. She wore a dress, boots, coat, and warm cap. “They won’t talk to us,” I thought. But Mike is bold - and gentle. He asked if we could talk to them about Jesus. “Yes,” they said.

Mike asked good questions about what they knew about Jesus, if they went to church, and they answered respectfully. Their names were Python and Mandie. Near the end of the conversation, Mike asked if we could pray for them. Mandie jumped in, “My Mom needs a job. She won’t be able to come to my brother’s military graduation or my high school graduation.” Mandie’s mom lives in Puerto Rico. Python wanted to “help the world.”

Linda prayed that Python would know how much God loves him. I felt shivers like she had prayed exactly the right thing. My prayers were that he’d be happy with who God had made him. We prayed for Mandie’s mom to find a job and be able to attend the graduations.

Afterwards, Python spontaneously gave Mike a hug and then Linda and me. Mandie followed with hugs. Linda gave them a card about our church and I handed them the evangelistic booklet “Would You Like to Know God Personally?” They readily took all of this. As we parted ways, I was in awe that they had wanted to talk with us.

That night we also prayed with a couple Christian families, a schizophrenic man, and a homeless woman who loved Jesus.

Although it’s scary, God wants to use us to tell others about Jesus. His death for our sins and the forgiveness we receive as we trust Him is life-changing for us and those we tell.

Where do you need to “get your body” so God can use you?

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