Who Are You Really?

You Belong

Based on your answers, you highly value belonging, which may be a part of where you find your identity.

You love being part of a group, team or community. You create a sense of home or hospitality for yourself and others through your relationships. You value people and quality time over things or tasks.

We need people like you in the world! We aren’t meant to do life alone. We all need to be loved and belong.

Would you say this is true of you?

Often, people who value belonging will try to figure out who they are based on what others say about them or what they can do for those around them. The world feels right when they have their group of close friends, “their people.”

Where do you find your sense of belonging?

Knowing who you are and why you are here changes the way you live and how you impact the world.

Have you wondered if it’s possible to belong just because of who you are and not because of others’ acceptance or approval?

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Interested in Learning More?

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. That journey greatly influences how we process and respond to big questions about life.

We believe God knows everything about you. He loves you. He says you are valuable and you belong. Knowing Him is how you can experience true belonging and acceptance in life.

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