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Reflecting As My Child Makes the College Transition

A parent meditates on sending her daughter to college.

It seems like just yesterday when we were standing before the big wall of backpacks at Wal-Mart, searching for the perfect bag to fit her five-year old self. I was a little overcome with emotion and wonder. How did these five years go so fast?

Today I was standing with this same sweet girl in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, looking for the perfect bedding to fit her college budget. Where did these eighteen years go?

My head is excited for the journey before her, even though my heart is sad. I will miss her smile and constant singing! We will have an empty spot at our dinner table, and when we run errands, we can take the smaller car. She will be missed.

But then I remind myself, she is a child of God, and his plans for her are so much better than mine. The road ahead will be fun, full of adventure, with (hopefully) just a smattering of challenges and bumps in the road.

College is a time when many are searching for themselves and developing their own worldview. I want my daughter to feel connected and cared for when she gets to college. Cru wants to connect incoming freshman with an upperclassman from their campus. This is a chance for her to already know someone who can act as a guide, helping both her and myself in the transition process.

Cru is a caring community, passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. For over 60 years, they have been a ministry on college campuses around the world helping students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and then go to the world around them sharing God’s love with others.

As a new school year begins, I pray for unity with peers and searching students to feel welcomed. I pray my daughter will grow in boldness, in faith, and find a community where she belongs.

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