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New Executive Director of Jesus Film Project

Erick Schenkel will be the new executive director of Jesus Film Project

Amber Kinneer

Jim Green, executive director of Jesus Film Project, is very happy to announce that after more than two years of working on a succession plan, God has provided a new executive director for Jesus Film Project.

The Global Executive Team has invited Erick Schenkel to be the executive director designate of Jesus Film Project. Erick is currently a national team leader for Cru. He and his wife, Elizabeth, joined Cru in 2002 and are excited about being part of God's plan for this ministry.

Erick has more than 3 decades of experience in pioneering ministries. Elizabeth co-authored Jesus Film Project's latest film, Rivka, and is excited to continue using her gift of writing in the ministry.

"Erick brings extensive leadership skills to the ministry as we continue to complete the task of translating the JESUS film, developing new media to engage the next generation, and promoting the use of our products globally," says Jim. "He has a proven track record of walking with God and has a passion to share Jesus through films—helping empower believers
everywhere to truly follow Jesus."

Jim and Nan Green have served in various roles with Jesus Film Project for 17 years and the ministry of Cru for 50 years.

This spring, Jim will be transitioning from his current position as executive director into a new role, focusing his time and energy on film production, strategy and special projects. Nan will continue to pray for and minister to staff women and others.

Erick will begin his role as executive director on April 1, 2012. During the months of April and May, Jim will be coaching him.

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