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In Your Hands

A new smartphone app makes Jesus Film Project available anytime.

Emilie Vinson

The Jesus Film Media team recently unveiled a groundbreaking smartphone app for the iPhone – it will be followed by a website and app for Androids in mid-October. The 3 tools will do the same thing: give people free, on-the-go access to all resources created by Jesus Film Project.

What Tools Are Available?

Altogether, Jesus Film Media will provide free access to about 80,000 different videos that users can stream, share or download at the click of a button, including:

  • The JESUS film, in 1,100 languages
  • Magdalena: Released From Shame, a feature film for women in 90 languages
  • The Story Of JESUS For Children, in 150 languages
  • 60 short films and documentaries, including clips that can be used in small or large group settings
  • The JESUS film segmented into 61 short teaching segments, allowing you to use specific clips from the film for addressing things like Jesus’ teaching on prayer.

How to Use the App

You can use Jesus Film Media’s new tool to reach people in your immediate community, like the ones you might meet at a grocery store or a child’s baseball game.

“If you’re on the go and have [wireless internet] or 3G, you can always have access to every film in every language,” said Nifer Sims, team leader for Jesus Film Project Digital Strategies. “But if you’re going somewhere you know you won’t have Internet access or speak English, you can download the ones you’ll need ahead of time.”

“Film provides a way to casually engage in conversation about spiritual topics,” says Erick Schenkel, executive director of Jesus Film Project. “We hope the app will spark spiritual conversations and connect more people with the life-changing message of Jesus.”

To begin using Jesus Film Media resources, visit, or search for “Jesus Film Media” in your mobile app store.

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