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Jesus Film Project

How Jesus’ view of women changed one refugee

Gregory Norman, The JESUS Film Project July 15, 2015

At a humanitarian center in a refugee camp in a Middle Eastern country, a church-planting team showed “Magdalena” daily.

During one showing a 21-year-old woman named Khawla* watched the film through inquisitive eyes.

When the film ended, her questions began.

She had never heard about Jesus before and was shocked by His miracles and the fact that He died for her. As she left the film showing, Khawla asked for a Bible.

One week later, she returned to the center and told the team she was reading the Bible. “What must I do to become a Christian?” she asked. “Do I need to declare that I'm a Christian to all my family and neighbors? Should I take off my veil?” The staff members responded, “It is enough to pray to Jesus and ask Him into your life.”

On another day, Khawla watched an episode of the film “Rivka” that talked about teen marriage. It brought to the surface Khawla's own painful story, which she shared with tears. Her father forced her to marry when she was 15 years old, and her husband is very aggressive.

As she discussed her story with the team, she also compared Jesus' teachings with her religion.

“The way Jesus shows respect to women,” Khwala expressed, “that's one of the most attractive parts of the Christian faith.”

*Name changed for security

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