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10 Million Views

Jesus Film Media app sees record views

Jesus Film Media

Since October 1st of last year, Jesus Film Media has seen more than 10 million views of their films digitally. This is counted every time someone pushes play on films like The JESUS Film, MagdalenaThe Story of Jesus for Children  or a number of short films.

They have also seen more than 100,000 installs of the Jesus Film Media app between iPhone and Android.

This is all because of women like Bonnie, a mother of three who was visiting her daughter in Washington, D.C. this spring.

One day, helping her daughter out, she toted the laundry off to be washed. It was the laundromat that Bonnie saw herself step out in faith and share Jesus with those around her.

“I have never been one to feel comfortable evangelizing,” she says. “My lack of confidence in my abilities to do so has, at times, made me feel like I was disappointing my Lord. The new app from Jesus Film Media™ has made sharing the gospel possible for anyone, even me! I am thankful for it because the JESUS film explains who Jesus is and what He has done for mankind better than I could ever hope to do.

“Recently while waiting on machines to do their work at the laundromat, I noticed all the people sitting around also waiting. Several played on their smartphones; some had bored and busy little children they were trying to entertain. I brought up the Jesus Film Media app on my iPhone, approached them, and asked if they would like to download a free movie that they could watch while they waited on their laundry. If they had children, I asked if they might want to download a free movie that their children could watch (The Story of Jesus for Children).

“5 of the 6 were interested and I helped them begin the download. When I told the Spanish speakers that the movie was also in Spanish, their faces lit up! It was so simple! I did not have to explain the gospel; I only had to explain how to search for the app and download it—the film JESUS did the rest. On my way out, a woman smiled and said, ‘I am going to help my mother download this!’

“I am so thankful to be equipped with this free app that is so easy to share with others!”

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