Why refugees were forced to burn their belongings

Global Aid Network August 10, 2015

Syrian families fleeing ISIS extremists have flooded a refugee camp in the Middle East where Global Aid Network is actively at work.

The situation, however, took a turn for the worse with an epidemic of parasitic mites called scabies.

The epidemic of bugs got so bad, families were forced to burn what few possessions they had.

But thanks to your support, GAIN has been able to deliver practical aid in Jesus’ name…and many of those who were helped responded to the gospel as a result.

GAIN President and CEO, Al Goff, visited refugees in this camp, and his report is eye-opening…and encouraging.

“The camp was hammered by the Islamic State regime in Syria. After they arrived, the camp was ravaged by scabies – a nasty thing, and a real risk when people are packed in that tight,” says Al. “The refugees here had to burn all their clothes, blankets, pillows, and bedding – even the carpet on the concrete floor.

Your support helped make it possible for us to respond quickly and buy them new bedding, blankets, clothes, and healing creams at this critical time, which has been a great blessing. You also enabled us to buy them new carpet – important because they’re living on a cold concrete slab. Many kids don’t have shoes and socks. So carpet really helps give some warmth and keeps kids off a very cold floor.”

Al went on to say, “The Christian workers in the camp were weeping for joy that God had provided these supplies within days. So our efforts were a real answer to the workers’ prayers.”

After the humanitarian outreach was completed, GAIN set up a tent for people to watch the JESUS film. Al shared, “The horror when Jesus was killed was replaced by joy when Jesus was found to be alive…and five women expressed a desire to know more.”

Your action speaks! Thank you for your support so we were ready to respond quickly to provide these desperate refugee families with replacement bedding, clothes, carpet, medical help, and healing creams – and see Jesus change lives!

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