Haiti: Hope Comes As a Tent

Before the earthquake took place on January 12th in Haiti, Emmanuelle Sony, her 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren were all living comfortably in a house that had 3 rooms and a beautiful kitchen.

Yet, this all changed when their house collapsed on Emmanuelle’s daughter who owned the house.

With a father who left the family years ago, these children, who were now suddenly motherless, were left with only their grandmother.

Emmanuelle used to earn a living by selling clothes but everything was destroyed in the earthquake, leaving the family with no money. 

With very little options, Emmanuelle took the family to an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp where she made a makeshift shelter for the 7 of them.

Food has been scarce for the family. A few of their neighbors in the camp gave them scraps, and a couple organizations have previously come and distributed some food. But, overall, it was still not enough and most often they go without.

Emmanuelle goes throughout each day with lots of doubts and questions. She has never suffered like this before and with the loss of her daughter, she feels as if she is not alive anymore. 

Emmanuelle says, “I would like to see my grandchildren go to school. I would like to start my business again. But, above all, a tent would make me happy as it would be a great start to helping our family.”

Thankfully Global Aid Network and its partners were distributing 620 tents when they met Emmanuelle and the team was able to give the Sony family one of the waterproof tents.

As the Global Aid Network staff set up the new shelter, the entire family was happy and thankful. This was the answer to Emmanuelle’s first request in rebuilding her family’s life.

It now gave her a glimmer of hope and showed her that she could trust God for the rest.

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