Ebola – Hope in the midst of horror

Mark Gaither November 7, 2014

LIBERIA – While virtually every non-government organization has pulled its personnel out of Liberia, Global Aid Network (GAiN) is remaining on the ground, continuing to minister.

GAiN, the humanitarian ministry of Cru, is committed to sending medical supplies, medical equipment, food and other requested items. Beyond meeting the physical needs, they also hope to meet spiritual needs.

University students who are involved in Cru’s ministry in Liberia have developed a pamphlet entitled, “Ebola Kills, Jesus Heals.” They are offering the pamphlet as they help with the distribution of GAiN-provided food and medical items.

The students also have set up a cell phone prayer chain. Each night from 10 to 11 p.m., groups of five students on a conference call pray for the Ebola crisis, for salvation of specific people and for their country.

In Sierra Leone, the country hit hardest during the Ebola outbreak, church plants and home cells have begun to spring up as Cru missionaries continue their work.

“Though Ebola cannot be controlled and the cost of living (is getting worse), though the situation is not getting any better, yet we will rejoice in the Lord and the preaching of the gospel will not be hindered,” Simon Baker wrote in an email sharing the successes of his church multiplication project.

Baker has shown the JESUS Film and shared the gospel with nearly 4,500 people since the project began in June and prayed with 1,880 of them to receive Christ.

One Liberian doctor is an example of a man living out his faith, trusting in the Lord.

Dr. Kortimai is chief of the hospital in Lofa County, site of the worst Ebola outbreak in Liberia. He is a government physician, a pastor and an associate of Cru’s ministry, the same ministry that discipled him as a student.

In a recent interview, Kortimai was asked why he stays in Lofa County.

“As a pastor, I’m the shepherd of my sheep,” Kortimai said. “The shepherd doesn’t leave his sheep. As a physician, I’m to care for my patients, not abandon them.

“I believe that my practice is not only for medical care but is also for spiritual purposes, and people’s lives can be transformed.”

In talking about the fear that so many people are experiencing because of Ebola, Kortimai put it simply:

“In the midst of faith, fear ceases to exist,” he said. “Let’s walk in faith … if I don’t go, who will?”

When he returned to Lofa County, Kortimai took with him 50 boxes of food sent by GAiN USA. In recent weeks, GAiN sent another shipping container packed with bulk food like rice and beans, packages meals, medical supplies, medical equipment, beds and mattresses, and other assorted material.

While times seem hopeless to some, Cru ministries are continuing to share the gospel in West Africa for,

“The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble (Psalm 9:9).”

GET INVOLVED: Pray for a safe journey for GAiN USA deliveries and a quick hand out process when it arrives. Pray also for increased opportunities to share Christ with those who need eternal hope.

GET INVOLVED: Pray for the young churches in Sierra Leone that they will grow to maturity. Pray that the Ebola crisis will be brought under control and pray for protection of Baker’s church multiplication team as they continue to share the gospel.

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