Couple's Marriage Weathers Storm of Adversity

Mark Winz

Among the 140 people filling 3 buses, Terri and Johnny Davila knew only each other, and even that relationship was strained. They felt alone.

In 7 years of marriage, the Davilas had weathered the challenges of a blended family of 5 children and the arrival of a son. Then their 16-year-old daughter died in an auto accident. Ten months later a house fire left them living in a 32-foot camper. Terri began to fear for the future of her marriage.

Their pastor urged the couple to attend FamilyLife's "Rekindling the Romance" conference, and someone from their church paid the costs. So Terri and Johnny boarded the bus with couples from 31 churches in nine Alabama cities and headed to Florida for a day-long event.

At the conference, everyone was asked to recommit to their spouse.

"Hearing from Johnny that he would never leave me gave me a sense of security," Terri says.

Back in Montgomery the following Sunday, the Davilas renewed their vows in front of their congregation after church. Several friends signed as witnesses on a marriage covenant certificate.

Terri and Johnny were no longer alone.

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