Working at the ‘Hart’ of Cru

Shela Spencer

This whole project is a sort of stepping stone in my journey with Christ. I’m hoping to grow closer to God and to expand my knowledge tremendously. I’m intentionally putting myself in new situations.

We started training in evangelizing; I think it was an attempt to make us feel more comfortable. I have never been comfortable approaching strangers about anything, let alone how they feel about God, so this was challenging for me. I also signed up to be on the Spiritual Development Planning team, which means I’m one of three in charge of making sure the spiritual aspects of the project aren’t lost when we go to work. I picked that group because I, personally, need/want to get better at remembering to pray and remembering God comes first always, and that everything we do should be to His Glory. I think this group, and the whole summer project, will help me with my struggles. I’m really excited to learn a lot and to get to read God’s word every day.

I’ve been reassured many times during this trip that God is a sovereign god and that even if we don’t feel like we’ve succeeded in bringing people to Christ, we have. Just by talking with people, a little about the way you feel could open gates for them. God is in control of all things and it’s not entirely our job alone as Christians to make people believe.

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