Finding the Blueprint at Boston University

Susie Richardson January 7, 2015

“I never met anyone more ready to trust Christ as Savior,” said Cru intern Ethan D., after a meeting with a BU lacrosse player.

Another team member had trusted Christ two days earlier at a presentation by Athletes in Action, Cru’s athletic ministry. Thirty-four players who heard the presentation agreed to meet and talk more about Christ.

In a matter of time, the players say the “Bible is beginning to make sense” to them.

“Six years ago, we went public with our prayer for God to raise up more men at BU,” said Todd and Pebble Williams, who have been with Cru at BU since 1999.

“It’s hard to do a campus-wide anything,” Todd said.

The three-mile long campus that flanks a major Boston thoroughfare gives BU a distinctive campus layout and presents a challenge, which is why Cru began to develop “Insider Teams,” focusing on smaller, strategic enclaves.

In 2012, several Cru students chose to live in BU’s Warren Towers, intentionally relating with dorm mates, loving them and leaning into their crises.

“After four Christ-followers in one day asked me how I was doing, I decided to get honest,” said Warren resident Mohammed A. “I believed they really wanted to know.”

The Williams describe Cru at BU as “huddled and pulsating with life.” They say this model of co-journeying with others is sustainable, even after graduation.

After winning in smaller arenas, a campus-wide event gained traction this fall. BU hockey goalie Anthony Moccia gave his testimony to 100 students gathered in Sleeper Auditorium. From that, a weekly hockey Bible study started, which included another player who was newly won to Christ.

BU’s large international population is another opportunity for “incarnational” ministry within a grouping with Taiwanese and Japanese students having embraced Christ this fall.

BU’s female population also is growing in their involvement with the ministry. Cru staff women expect 150 (including a few from Northeastern, Simmons, and Wentworth) to attend their Christmas brunch. The event will include the story of a Savior who came and dwelt among us, along with seasonal food and decor.

And this is the story Todd and Pebble teach to the BU Cru students, to fully dwell among those Christ came to save. Given the response this fall, there’s reason to believe they’ve found the blueprint for ministry at BU.

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