Double Life

Students seek God at Boston University.

Nick DeCola

Ethan DuBois came to Boston University wanting to explore "all it meant to be a college student."

He had accepted Christ into his life as a young boy, but when he arrived on campus, his plans didn't include pursuing a relationship with God.

Yet after filling out a spiritual interest survey that fall, Ethan got a call from Cru staff member Todd Williams (left, second from left), who invited Ethan (left, far left) to have coffee and discuss spiritual things. "When Ethan and I first met, I didn't think it clicked," Todd says. However, at Todd's invitation, Ethan began attending a Bible study on campus.

"I was initially drawn to the idea of community in the group," says Ethan. Still, there was conflict going on in his heart. "I was living a double life between my rebellious heart and giving Christianity another try."

As the battle raged, Ethan decided to attend a Cru student conference in Boston. After receiving training in how to tell others about the gospel and participating in an outreach during the conference, Ethan knew he needed to make a phone call. He called his girlfriend to tell her what God was doing in his life. He was surprised as she opened up about her own spiritual journey.

Ethan put into practice what he had been learning and explained the gospel to his girlfriend. She prayed with Ethan and invited Christ into her life. "Suddenly the gospel came alive for me," says Ethan. "Up to that point, I took it for granted."

Since that evening two years ago, Ethan, now a junior has continued to give the gospel away. He as participated in two mission projects and lives in an area of campus where he can more easily reach out to others.

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