How to Build a Destino Movement.

Adapted from the Destino website

As Cinco de Mayo approaches many Latinos of Mexican decent are thinking about their roots. What a great time to start a movement on your campus for those of all Latin cultures. Destino is a ministry of Cru that reaches out to college students with the gospel.

The early church in Acts 2:42-47 is a good model vision for a local Destino movement, but in general what needs to be done to start a Destino movement?


1. Acknowledge that God is the only one who can build a Destino movement. Without us crying out to God in prayer and dependence on Him, we’ll be treading water.
2. Arrange for prayer walks around campus with some people that want to help you, friends, people in your church, etc.
3. Get a group praying together regularly to start a Destino movement
4. Pray for specific Latino student leaders on campus to come to Christ.
5. Pray for God to provide you with a good place to meet.
6. Pray for laborers/leaders. In order for your movement to grow, you’re going to need co-laborers.


1. Mobilize a small group of believers that have a heart for reaching the Latino community on campus with the truth of Jesus Christ.
2. Begin to build relationships and spread the word about Destino
o With Christians – Look for Christian Hispanic students involved with local churches or another Cru movement to get started. Seek to find common ground between Catholics and Evangelicals but respect the fact that there are some very real differences. Some of the goals of Destino are unity, truth, and being a Christ-centered leader.
o Get involved with other Hispanic student groups on campus to build relationships and spread the word. Do community service alongside those other groups.
o Your university may have specific programs to develop Latino students. This may be a great place to get involved.


The harvest field is your university (Matthew 9:37-38). We need the eyes of Christ, to see our classmates, friends, and peers on campus as lost and without spiritual guidance. Then we can go out as salt, light, and a witness to a lost world. Share the gospel in a process, over time, over and over again—not just once.
1. Gather contacts (to invite to a meeting, to begin doing follow-up with, to begin a relationship with)
2. Do surveys at the beginning of the school year
3. Have dinners for people to bring their friends (low spiritual content). Example – Have it around a Latino holiday or other events like Easter.
4. Pass out Destino survival kits. Have a table on campus or give to other students who want to start up a movement to give to their non-Christian friends as gifts.
5. Fiestas – have a party! It is a good time to connect and build relationships.


In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus said to “go make disciples…” In other words, Jesus was giving a direct command to help others grow in their relationship with God. He wants us to pour out our lives into other people who need spiritual guidance.
1. Be relational. Latinos are people of the heart and relationships. Share your heart and invite them to share theirs.
2. Though it is good to follow a plan, the intimacy of your discipleship relationships weighs a lot more. Time and trust are important factors.
3. Invest in the F.A.S.T. (Faithful, Available, Spirit-filled, and Teachable) everyone deserves to be followed up but invest longer term in those who want to be a leader for God in the mission of win, build, and send.
4. If you are a student without staff on your campus, be connected with a staff person on a regular basis for coaching and support.

Destino Movement Planning

Once you have the people and resources (do fundraisers or ask for churches to support your ministry on campus) start planning and moving ahead with the end in mind. Gather student leaders to discuss the mission, vision, values, and steps.

1. Go to the website for Destino and learn the mission, vision and values of the ministry.
2. Figure out how will you reach your goals.
3. GodSquad contains hundreds of resources to help you reach your campus for Christ. Go to


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