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10 Easter Outreach Ideas

Consider creative ways to help people see Christ in Easter this spring.

This time of year offers something even better than jelly beans nestled in faux grass — namely, fantastic opportunities by the basketful to bring up the gospel.

Here are 10 outreach ideas for you to use this Easter from staff members of Cru.

Eggs, Chocolates and Baskets

  • Resurrection Eggs®
    FamilyLife created these plastic eggs, whose contents retell the gospel story.

    Host an Easter egg hunt with a life-changing message in your backyard, neighborhood park or church (download a free activity planning book).

  • Baskets for Friends
    Create a basket for a non-Christian friend, but in addition to the perfunctory Peeps and Skittles, add a book that focuses on the first Easter. Consider including a link to something from the Jesus Film Project®:

  • Gifts for Neighbors
    Easter gifts don't have to be expensive. Put a few candies in "A Gift for You" door hanger bag for each door in your neighborhood, and then add your church's information, ministry brochure.

  • Gifts for Co-workers
    Several years ago, the entire faculty and staff of Georgia Tech received the gift of the JESUS  from a handful of co-workers. Cru's Faculty Commons, the ministry to college professors, staff and alumni, ensured that all 4,200 Georgia Tech staff members and professors received a copy of the JESUS film from a co-worker within their own department. Share a link to the JESUS film with people in your department or office.

Person-to-Person Invitations

  • Invite People to Church
    Invite people to church. They are open to visiting church during Easter, so invite everyone you know to join you on a Sunday. Also consider special church programs like a Passion play or Easter concert. Engage them in conversation afterward. Ask questions like:

    » "Did your family have any religious traditions during the holidays?"

    » "Where do you see yourself on your spiritual journey?"

    » "Would you like to know God personally?"

  • Invite People to Easter Dinner
    Invite non-Christians to your Easter dinner. Have fun coloring eggs or hiding and finding them — whatever your traditions are. Ask God to give you the opportunity to discuss the true meaning of Easter.

    Bridges International recommends inviting international students to an Easter dinner. Many international students have never stepped foot inside an American home. Hosts can serve a special dinner, tell the students about chocolate rabbits and Easter baskets, and share the true meaning of Easter.


  • Read Benjamin's Box
    This children's picturebook follows a fictional boy named Benjamin who collected items during the life of Christ that offer an explanation of our need for Him. Build your own box, stocked with small symbolic items like Benjamin's, so the kids can hold it. Consider reading this at Sunday school or to children you know.


  • Show care for your neighbors by getting to know them and offering to pray for them. 


  • Learn how to have conversations about Jesus with the people you care about by downloading the GodTools® app. This free app provides articles, faith-sharing tools and conversation starters that can make talking about your faith easier.

Happy Easter!

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