from our team

Our 2020 - 2021
Gap Year Team


Dani is a high school graduate from Texas

"After struggling to make a college decision, Cru Gap Year just kind of dropped in my lap. I wasn’t sure why I felt drawn to do a gap year mission trip, but it felt like it was right. As if God had this planned all along."


Gabriel has joined our team from overseas

"This next year I’m planning on taking a gap year and spending my time investing in the lives of high school students overseas, sharing the gospel and the love of Christ, and growing in my own faith through CRU’s gap year program."


Hannah attended high school in the state of Illinois

Dani is a high school graduate from Texas "[Cru Gap Year] is not only to discover who and what God wants you to be and do, but also to help others who are struggling and have no hope to see the light."


Irina graduated from high school in St. Petersburg, Russia

"Last year in high school was very stressful because you need to decide what to do after you're graduating. But God has called me to wait for a year. And now I have a breathtaking opportunity to take part in a Global Mission sponsored by the High School Ministry of Cru. Personally I want to participate in the Gap Year because I feel God is calling me to serve others."


Sully attended high school in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

"I didn't have a clear direction on what to do and where to go right out of high school. I knew that I want to do something with ministry and music, but I didn't want to just go to college because that's what all my friends were doing. I'd rather spend the year praying, seeking God, and being discipled before I go out on my own. CRU seemed like the best environment for me to prayerfully seek His will and direction while serving and sharing Christ with others."


Esther is a high school graduate from Huntsville, Alabama.

"I was seeking the Lord to discover where He was leading me after high school graduation. I've always said that if God wanted to use me, He'd have to be the One to invite me to join Him in the adventure. I felt Him calling me to take this leap with Him into a new experience of growing in Him and sharing His light with others around the world. I'm so excited to get to go on this adventure with my Jesus."