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What is Getaway 2023?

Getaway 2023 is a youth conference that will call high school students to more! We aim to connect students with Jesus, equip them to lead, send them to the world and reach people everywhere. Students can choose to attend only the conference in Los Angeles, CA or upon the conclusion of the conference continue on to one of our 15 mission trips to share the gospel in other parts of the world.

Who is sponsoring Getaway 2023?

Getaway 2023 is sponsored by the high school ministry of Cru. Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization that promotes evangelism and discipleship in more than 190 countries around the world. The high school ministry of Cru helps students apply their faith to everyday life, build positive relationships with family and friends, and teaches students how to live out the gospel on their campus in order to reach their peers for Christ.

When and where will Getaway 2023 be held?

The conference portion of Getaway 2023 will be held June 25-30, 2023 on the campus of Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, California. Each of our 15 mission trips begin on June 30th, 2023 and have various ending dates, depending on the length of the mission trip. See Getaway 2023 Mission Trips for details.

Who can attend Getaway 2023?

Getaway 2023 is for high school students and for those who want to have an impact on teenagers. This includes college students, youth pastors, youth volunteers, parents, etc. High school students must be at least in ninth grade to attend.

What are the guidelines for youth pastors, parents, and others to attend or work at Getaway 2023?

All attendees 18 years of age or older will need to complete a background check. We will vigorously vet all workers to the best of our ability.


What is the cost of Getaway 2023?

Getaway 2023 Conference only: $399 Price increases after May 15, 2023. Travel costs are additional.

Getaway 2023 Conference + Mission Trip: $3000 – $6500 depending on the mission trip’s location and length. The total cost of the mission trip DOES include the registration fee for the conference and international airfare. It DOES NOT include domestic airfare to the conference and return flight from the mission trip’s reentry city. However, this amount can be added to your fundraising goal and can be reimbursed after the mission trip.

What does the Getaway 2023 registration fee cover?

Registration to Getaway 2023 includes access to all conference programming, housing and meals. It does not include transportation to and from Los Angeles, CA.

How will I pay for Getaway 2023?

We encourage students to trust God for the finances for Getaway 2023. If you are continuing on from the conference to a mission trip, you will receive a Go Pac that will guide you on how to raise funds.


Where will Getaway 2023 attendees stay?

Conference attendees will be housed in dorms on the campus of Azusa Pacific University.

Will our group be able to stay together for the conference?

We will make every effort to keep groups together.

Will meals be provided during Getaway 2023?

Yes, all meals will be provided during the conference.

Do you help with transportation from the Los Angeles airport (LAX) to the conference?

Yes, we can provide transportation between LAX and the conference location, if needed. A surcharge will be charged for the cost of airport transportation.


What are the Getaway 2023 Mission Trip locations?

We are offering 15 mission trips that span across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania. Check out Getaway 2023 Mission Trips to view the locations and trip details.

What will we be doing in these countries?

We will be working with in-country Cru staff members and committed key volunteers to launch spiritual movements that reach teenagers.  We will go to high school campuses to meet students in classrooms, assemblies and common areas to share the gospel with them.  We will also invite students to after school outreaches and follow-up events.  In some mission trip locations, we may facilitate English camps, partner with Athletes in Action in running sports camps or partner with Filter of Hope in distributing water filters to needy families. We may also have the opportunity to train staff, volunteers, and students to continue to build the movements and launch new ones after the teams leave.

Who will be on the mission trip teams?

Each team will have a male and female leader and an operations leader.  You may also have additional staff, youth leaders or volunteers on your team.  The rest of your team will be a combination of high school and college students. 

What will the ratio of adults to students be on the mission trips?

This will be different for each team. Our goal is to assign 25% Cru staff members, 25% college students and 50% high school students.

When is the application deadline for students to participate in a mission trip?

The application deadline for all Getaway 2023 mission trips is March 31, 2023.

Where will my mission trip debriefing take place?

All of the mission trips will debrief in the mission trip location prior to your return to the United States.

When will I hear if I'm accepted?

In order for your application to be considered complete you need to have submitted your application, have paid the application fee,  all of your references have submitted their online forms, and your parent consent form has been submitted and received. Once applications are completed, they are sent to your specific missions team leader for review.  It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We will continue to accept applications as long as we have spots available.

What if I change my mind about the mission for which I want to apply? 

If you decide you want to switch your location preference, you may be required to fill out additional questions since not every mission has the same exact application. Simply return to the project listing and select a different mission to apply. Be aware of the timing in light of the deadlines.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

For additional mission trip information, please visit Mission Trip FAQs.