Story 4

Dr. Rizzaline “Rizz” Cuadro’s professional life started more than three decades ago, an era

when doctors instinctively and accurately diagnosed patients without the luxury of sophisticated


The 1990s was when Dr. Cuadro’s private practice peaked. She was a cut above the rest, a

long-time training officer for residents at the OB-GYN Department, Bicol Medical Center, Naga

City. She required the best from the resident doctors. Strict, bossy and intolerant, she was

more “insultant” rather than consultant, making resident physicians cry during conferences.

Even the sound of her footsteps made them nervous. One resident resigned and transfer to

another hospital.

Her family wasn't spared. Once when a colleague visited her house she asked, "Wala bang aso

dito?" Dr. Cuadro’s husband retorted, “Wala, tigre mayroon!”

Sometime in 1992, a patient gave her a copy of Our Daily Bread, a popular devotional. She read

the suggested daily bible readings but vaguely understood them.

In April of 1993, Dr. Rizz suffered paralysis. She was flown to St. Luke’s Medical Center for

treatment and underwent spinal column neurosurgery. While recuperating, she read the bible

and the Daily Bread. A month later, she went back to her normal routine.

One afternoon a patient shared the Four Spiritual Laws with her. She readily accepted Jesus as

her Savior and Lord, but it didn’t have much impact.

However, something remarkable happened in October 1999 during the internment of a Christian

friend. As 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 was read, Dr. Rizz suddenly saw a blinding flash of light.

She saw a vision! In an instant, the people in that room became miniature figures, becoming

distant. Recovering herself, she suddenly understood the TRUTH!

“I felt different! I told my Christian friends, 'why did you keep the TRUTH to yourselves?'” she


That episode was followed by a hunger for God’s Word―like never before. Shotly, she was

introduced to a CCC missionary who shared the 4SL again! It was different this time.

They had a one-on-one bible study but without her husband’s knowledge because he dislike her

new found faith. However, the changes in her life were so remarkable, not even he nor her

colleagues could deny the change they saw. She became gentle and submissive, her anger

noticeably absent.

Now a retired physician, Dr. Rizz has dedicated her life to sharing the gospel with patients,

friends, taxi drivers―anyone she meets. She always keeps copies of the 4SL in her bag, at her

clinic and home.


“My relationship with God is going strong. With the bible and 4SL as my tools, I am living out

my purpose in life for the glory of God.”

In 2006, Dr. Rizz coordinated the “Back to the Cross” congress in the Bicol region, a yearly medical conference for

doctors, consultants, dentists and other medical professionals. That same year, she formed a group of 8 to 10 young

female medical representatives and taught them CCC's “Beginning Your New Life Series”. In October 2012, nine

medical representatives started to meet in her home for bible study. In January of 2014, Dr. Rizz started the Naga

Doctors in Touch* Fellowship. She has been discipling OB-GYN consultants since then


*Doctors in Touch is the medical ministry of PCCC

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