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Advent Devotional

The best relationship we can ever have is the one that God is inviting us into. In a relationship with God, we can know our true purpose and live the abundant life even in the midst of sorrow and pain. All of this is made possible because of Jesus, born in a manger 2000 years ago, and the sacrifice He made on the cross on our behalf.

We can be made new and experience redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation with God, our world and those around us because of God’s generosity toward us in Christ.

All the pain that people, and life in general, have caused you — and that you have caused — can be redeemed and used for God’s glory, our good and the good of the world. This is why Christmas is so worthy of celebration. This is why Christmas matters.

Join us for 25 days, beginning December 1, as we explore these truths, focus on what this holiday is really all about, and prepare our hearts for Christmas.


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