Foundations, a discipleship series, is designed to be used in 4 or more separate sessions. It will help you clearly and effectively communicate the foundational steps for establishing an exciting life in Christ.

Foundations Leader’s Guide Guide
Foundations: Confidence Lesson 1
Foundations: Acceptance Lesson 2
Foundations: Empowerment Lesson 3
Foundations: Development Lesson 4


Life Concepts

The Life Concept studies, by Keith Davy, provide a young believer with a strong foundation in essential biblical truths. Includes five lessons and Leader’s notes. Topics include: confession, assurance, growth, fellowship, and walking in the Spirit.


Life Concepts: From Uncertainty to Confidence Lesson 1
Life Concepts: From Feelings of Unworthiness to Forgiveness Lesson 2
Life Concepts: From Being Unable to Empowered Lesson 3
Life Concepts: From Being Unprepared to Equipped Lesson 4
Life Concepts: From Being Undeveloped to Maturity Lesson 5
Life Concepts: Stepping from Brokenness to Wholeness Lesson 6
Life Concepts: What to Do with Desire Lesson 7