Life Skills for Making Right Choices

Life at the CrossRoads

CrossRoads understands that to make a lasting di/erence in the lives of our youth, we not only need to provide excellent education, character training, and the life-changing power of the gospel, but we also need to reach every component of a students’ life—the teacher, the parents, their peers, and the community.

Curriculum Overview

This curriculum is a tool for educators and other community-based instructors. It is designed to help students internalize positive values and develop skills that can guide them to become good decision makers, responsible for their personal health and well-being. Life at the CrossRoads reinforces what most parents and guardians teach in the home. 

CrossRoads Update

"This program has been tried and tested over the past five years and has been found to be very effective based on the independent audits and surveys carried out with all school principals. The Chamber considers it counterproductive and a waste of tax payers’ money for the Division of Education to now commission the creation of another program similar in nature to this one."


Transforming Communities

CrossRoads aims to transform communities and save the lives of at-risk youth through education and evangelism. CrossRoads uses an innovative strategy that focuses on developing nations confronted by social crises such as AIDS, drugs, and violence. CrossRoads equips local communities with the tools to help at-risk youth turn from despair to hope, life and truth in Jesus Christ.  This is done by using a world-class educational curriculum.

In 1997 after the Panama Conference, Carrol Richards (then Boland) introduced the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum to a few schools in Trinidad until 1999.  Anne Marie Jaimungalsingh and  Gerard Deonarine continued with CrossRoads. Later, Denise Trotman led CrossRoads until 2008. Steve and Cecile Mohammed then led CrossRoads in Trinidad. In 2001, Janidie Boodram was assigned to work with the Tobago Life at the CrossRoads team.  She served in Tobago until her passing in 2006. At present in Tobago, the CrossRoads curriculum is used in all the High Schools and overseen by Kori Sinanan and Dr Maria Remy.  In Trinidad in 2010 the Curriculum was being used in 9 High Schools.  The Ministry of Education’s Guidance Counselors have also been trained to use the curriculum.







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