One week can launch your students into a lifetime of seeing God work in their lives and in the lives of others. The Breakaway materials will walk you through each step of planning and leading a spring break with eternal impact.

Breakaway allows anyone to access evangelism training with immediate application and opportunities to see lives changed for eternity.


  • Domestic trips.
  • Launch trips. (starting a new campus movement.)
  • International trips
  • Inner-city trips.
  • On your campus. (“Staycation.”)
  • Any other kind of evangelism-focused trip.

You want to serve the Lord with your spring break and see students grow in evangelism. We want to make that easier. With the resources and tools we send you through Breakaway, planning and leading a trip will be simple and effective. All you have to do is sign up.

1. Sign Up 

2. Receive your content 

3. Plan and lead your trip!

Breakaway combines proven practices from Cru’s history combined with cutting-edge audience research, to create an innovative and accessible resource to plan your trip. This includes evangelism training, promoting your trip, and logistical help. Through this flexible and customizable kit, more students will be trained in evangelism across the country so that the gospel may extend to more and more people.

Our content includes everything you need to plan the trip details, promote your trip, and prepare the content students will experience on-site. You get three guides:


Set up your transportation, housing, registration, and other important components with easily accessible tools and people ready to help.

  • Registration Tool 101 
  • Budgeting Tool 
  • Contract Guide


Learn how to promote your Breakaway trip effectively and access promotional content – including cards that you can customize!

  • Recruiting 101
  • How to use social media
  • Promotional Items


Breakaway includes three recorded trainings and two recorded talks focused on evangelism. You set your schedule for the week and choose which videos to use in training times

  • Information on trainings and talks
  • Sample schedules to use
  • Evangelism application examples


With Breakaway, you have access to quality speakers and teachers, freeing you up as a leader to focus on other things related to your trip. Each video is led by an experienced thought leader in the area of evangelism and gives both a practical and theological foundation for sharing the good news.


Breakaway includes three trainings in evangelism that together provide a solid foundation for the participants on your trip. Follow the button below to watch and download these trainings now.



Breakaway also includes two evangelism-centered talks that will broaden your participants’ understanding of evangelism. This year’s talks will be recorded in early November, but for now you can follow the button below and sign up for Breakaway to receive them at the New Year.


“The videos were great! The trainings and talks were super applicable to our trip and students enjoyed them and got a lot out of them.” - Krista, Minnesota
"After Matt's talk on reaching out to Bronies, we went sharing at an international mall. At the mall, a student and I met a man from Spain and entered into a conversation about Jesus with him. Before we shared about Jesus, we talked about how Europe has great coffee but Canada has bad coffee (in his opinion). So, taking the idea of having good and bad coffee, a student shared about Jesus from this lens. How, through God, we can have a good life, or good coffee. But if we go our own way, we'll get bad coffee. Even though he didn't choose to follow Jesus then, that concept stuck with him and I'm praying that as he looks for bad coffee, that the Lord would continue to draw him into a relationship with Jesus." - Chris, Oregon
"I loved the flexibility of being able to plan whatever we wanted for the trip!" - Kelly, Morehead State