My Cru Advent Devotional

If you already know you’re ready to get started, here’s a quick step-by-step of what to do next. If you’re curious, but want more details about the devo, My Cru, and how you can use them, keep on reading...

The Quick Start Guide

  1. Sign up for a My Cru account and receive your unique invitation link for your small group. This is an invitation only format.
  2. Once you receive your link, share it with those you’d like to join in on your study.
  3. Pick a date to begin the devotional together.

Advent: Grow & Help Others Grow

This Christmas season, use the Advent Devotional on the My Cru platform to connect with the people in your small group and those who you are discipling. This 14-day devotional allows you to come together around the birth of Jesus - challenging and encouraging one another to fully surrender your lives in response to the good news of Advent.

Written by nine experienced authors and disciplers, each day includes a short passage of scripture, thought-provoking questions, and real-life application suggestions. For those going to your Winter Conference, it helps pave the way for the call to a surrendered life found in “the pledge.” For those not going, it offers immediately applicable ways to live a fully surrendered life.

Everyday learn how the people in the Christmas narrative surrendered to God to go, do, say, give what He asked them to.

Staying Connected in the Gaps Between Face-to-Face

So what is this My Cru tool really all about?

We want to help you grow your disciples in the gaps between your face-to-face times with them. We think this tool can help, but we can’t create it alone. We need your input! This is one of our early attempts at using this kind of digital resource. By using it and giving us feedback, you’ll help us develop the kind of tool that serves your ministry.

Our hope is that as we experiment with tools like this, we’ll support you with digital resources for your ministry as we trust God to raise up more than a million disciples living on mission together.

Curious to know how a digital tool can do that? Here’s a quick video that explains how:

Ready to get started? Sign up for a My Cru account to preview the content and receive a custom invite link to share with a group you’d like to lead through it.

Do you know other student and staff small group leaders who may want to do this? Just share this webpage link with them.

As you move through the content, post your reflections to your group Space to encourage one another as you go.

How to Use This Advent Devotional

Think about this like a normal bible study, but with My Cru, your members can engage in the study on their own time, in the comfort of their own home, and use a shared digital “space” to keep the conversation going.

The content is short enough to do daily, private for just the people you invite, and specially designed to create a rhythm of connection where each person can grow in and help others grow.

If you’re ready to try it out, here’s the flow of how it will work.

  1. First, click on the gold sign-up button below to receive your unique invitation link. You’ll receive your personalized link via email shortly after.
  2. Before winter break, introduce the idea to your small group. We’ve written a Bible Study called “Thriving Through Christmas Break” that can be helpful to surface the need for students to continue connecting over break. It is also a great segway to introduce the idea of doing the Advent devo together.
  3. Once you receive your custom link, copy, paste, and send it to all of your group members. We highly recommend doing this when you are in person. Having them click on the link to sign up for an account right there ensures you are all in sync before you part ways.
  4. Instruct everyone to begin the daily devotional on Dec 11. Each day's devo will unlock at the beginning of the day so you can all stay together.
  5. Do the devotional yourself if you can (it’s good stuff!). As much as possible, take time to share thoughts with your group in the My Cru Advent group space. The more you engage, the more your students will engage.

Ready to get started?

Sign up and receive your link

Still have questions? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q: I have several group studies. How many custom links do I need?
A: Email us at to request another link. Each link will put your students into a group where they connect over the devo each day. You will need a separate custom link for each group you want created. To learn more about how groups work and how you can use them well, watch this video.

Q: How do I invite my students?
A: Once you receive your link, created specifically for you, you should share it with only those you’d like to join you in the group study. You can share it via text, email, Facebook message – whatever is best for you!

Q: Can my students just download the app and find the content? Or do they have to follow the link?
A: They have to follow the link. If they don’t, the material they need will not be added to their dashboard and they will not be added to your group space. They and you would need to do that manually. It is much easier to just have them follow the link and sign into their account they created when they have downloaded the app.

Q: Someone in my study wants to guide their own group through the content. Can they use my link?
A: If someone in your study wants to do the same with a group they lead, they’ll need to request their own unique link by emailing us at

Q: Do I need to download the My Cru app?
A: You can access the Advent content through the web, but for an optimal experience and ease of use, we recommend downloading the My Cru app, which is available in both the iOS App Store and Android on the Google Play Store.

Q: When I click on the invite the page loads and four dots come up but nothing else happens?
A: This happens because the browser used to accept the link is in Private Mode or Incognito Mode. Please switch your browser back to normal mode and click on the invite link again.

Q: I am having technical difficulties or have more questions.
A: Email us at!

Don’t see your question answered here? Add your question right in this doc and we’ll answer it as quickly as possible.

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