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Tyler's Summer Mission Story

I’ve been on two stateside missions before, but this summer I felt God calling me to go to the Middle East. I knew I had the chance to make God’s glory known to people who have never heard the gospel before and that pumped me up to go to Breakthrough.

I would be lying if I said it was so easy and a walk in the park.

Two big obstacles stood in the way. Family and finances.  

My family was not on board with the idea from the very beginning and even today are still not on the same page. But understand where they are coming from, they haven’t had the same experience as I have had with Christ, so they see the world through a different lens.

It was very hard and frustrating balancing respect for them, while also following God’s will. Many times I wanted to quit and give in, but God kept having me push and push.

I sat down with my mom one final time over spring break, hearing her concerns for the summer and talking about mine. The conversation ended when I said, “Mom, I am sick and tired of living my life based on my fear. I’m fearful of your acceptance, I’m fearful of the finances to get there, I’m fearful of my safety, but Mom I serve the living God.”

God not only began working in big ways with my family, but He also worked in big ways with raising the support I needed.

I have gone on summer missions before but I definitely doubted if God was going to provide for this one. Going international, I not only had more money to raise but less time to raise it.

Most of my doubts came because I don’t have a strong church community back at home. But God opened so many doors. A church I’ve never been to helped me get one-fifth of my goal. My small church at school provided one-third of what I needed as well.

The last week of support raising, I was still $2,000 short. I am still in awe, but after many, many phone calls, I was fully supported and could hop on the plane with my team. My mom and dad both said “How did you get that money?!”

All I could say was “God provides.” I knew this was His will for me.

Even though there were times I wanted to give up, God provided the strength and wisdom to carry through.

God used my experience with Breakthrough not only to share the gospel with students in the Middle East, but also to speak boldly into the lives of my family members.


Tyler attended a Summer Mission with Cru at Breakthrough.

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