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Tim's Summer Mission Story

“I began to psych myself out and considered, yet again, not going.”

It was late January. I had only just joined Cru when it became clear to me that God was calling me to a summer mission. If He had not called me, I wouldn’t have given the thought of summer missions the time of day.

And then, a degree and period of self-inflicted discouragement settled in. At this point in time, I had already been accepted to the Walt Disney World Summer Mission. Excited as I was, I found that I was trying to talk myself out of it. I was thinking I had made a mistake, convincing myself that I was not actually meant to go on this–or any–summer mission.

Friends and family began asking me if I really wanted to give up my entire summer with only a few days free between semesters. I began to psych myself out and considered, yet again, not going.

I was looking everywhere for an excuse. No matter which angle I looked at it from, it seemed like I couldn’t find a good enough reason not to go on summer mission.

Almost three months later, I had the privilege to spend my spring break in Panama City Beach, attending Cru’s Big Break conference. Going into the conference, I was about ready to call off going this summer.

But God had a different calling in mind. A fellow student from my school spoke about his previous summer mission in front of the 1,200 students at Big Break.

Listening to my friend speak about their experience rejuvenated me. I was sitting in prayer after they spoke and I really asked God to reveal to me if summer mission was the way to go. God showed me that my self-inflicted discouragement was keeping me from going. After this, I had 100 percent motivation to go on summer mission.

There will be obstacles, potentially large ones, but those are all the more reason to look toward God. Seeking a time of growth, contentedness and learning from the staff and students, altogether will prove to be the experience of a lifetime.

Believe me when I say I have already seen amazing things God has done in my life through this summer mission. The community and fellowship have given me a safe haven where I have been able to confide and become evermore vulnerable about the struggles and sins in my life.

From this experience I have seen huge changes in my relationships with others and growth in my walk with the Lord, thus proving that this summer truly was the experience of a lifetime.


Tim attended a Summer Mission with Cru in Walt Disney World in 2015.

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