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“I wanted to maintain control of my summer and do what I thought was comfortable and familiar.”

For quite a long time, I was convinced that God was not calling me to go on a summer mission. I listened to my friends reminisce on memories of their summer, explaining that God dramatically changed their lives. Still, I insisted that, while it might have been beneficial for them, I didn’t need it. I wanted control of my summer. I wanted to do what seemed comfortable and familiar—something that I could easily handle in my own power. I was afraid that if I went on a summer mission trip, I wouldn’t be able to handle it on my own.

My friends didn’t stop encouraging me though. They constantly testified about what a powerful experience project is. On top of that, my discipler kept challenging me to take risks for Christ. Through their persistence, I began to see that fully trusting God meant surrendering control of my life. If I could allow God to take control of my summer, I could have deeper faith in Him.

I realized I needed to seek God’s will over my own. His will is perfect and He dreams big dreams for us, inviting us to join Him. As I struggled to surrender control, I had to take a look at what was holding me back—fear, selfishness, and pride. Despite my reservations, all I had to do was take a step of faith and apply, and by doing so, I got to experience amazing growth and transformation.

Nathaniel went to Virginia Beach in 2014.



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