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Justin's Summer Mission Story

I accepted Christ when I was younger. I was not super strong in my faith, so keeping a consistent relationship with God was difficult.

As a relatively new member of Cru, I signed up for Cru’s spring break conference, Big Break, at the last minute not really knowing what to expect.

The conference is centered around reaching college students on the beach with the gospel. Having never been sharing before, I went with my friend and let him do most of the talking.

During one conversation, I had this overwhelming feeling that God was changing not only the mindset of the person we were talking to, but my own.

That stranger accepted Christ. And I gained a heart for the lost.

I wasn’t even considering summer missions with Cru until my friend shared about his experience at Ocean City with me. After talking with my friend, I knew God wanted me there.

I did not apply until April. I had very little time to find ministry partners and needed $3,500. Also, it was tough for me to tell certain people about this mission, especially non-believers.

My mom was supportive of my decision, my dad on the other hand was unsure at first due to the cost and not knowing much about Cru. I’m not sure if they completely understood why I wanted to spend my summer with Cru, but being open and honest with them and praying helped.

Starting the support-raising process so late, I struggled with the limited time to raise the support I needed. I had no experience writing support letters but I stayed faithful by sending them to whomever I thought might be interested, including non-believers, students and my professors.

Once support began to flow in, my dad’s worries continued to drop more and more.

God supplied $3,600. It was unbelievable.


Justin attended a Summer Mission in Ocean City in 2015.

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