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Evan's Summer Mission Story

My story begins with knowing that I wanted to go on mission at least once. The summer after my freshmen year it just happened that an internship fell into my lap, so the next year was going to be my year.

Everything made perfect sense until I mentioned it to my dad.

My dad, the businessman, immediately didn’t like the idea. In his mind, my time would be best spent working for him making a ton of money safe at home. This was all expressed in one phone call, in which he sounded pretty stern. I remember getting off the phone and being really discouraged.

So I started asking everyone’s advice. Some said to respect my dad and preserve that relationship, some said to follow God and do His will.

One of my campus leaders led me to Psalm 37: 3-5. As I looked at that passage it hit me for the first time that God was calling me to summer mission. It says that God will “give you the desires of your heart,” and I knew that my heart wanted to go to Chicago.

After about a month or so of preparation, prayer and fretting, I finally went home one weekend with the intention of talking to my dad about doing mission.

My dad and I have always been close, so it was a weird feeling trying to “oppose” him. We talked for a good long while and a different side of the coin started to surface. My brother had just started seminary that semester and my sister had been there for a semester already.

My dad said, “Evan, I just hope that you don’t feel like you have to be a super Christian just to fit in with your family.” He wanted me to understand that any attempts I made to impress people were pointless.

He finished by saying “Evan, I think it’s stupid, and I don’t have to like that you’re going, but I’m your dad, not your dictator. I’ll support whatever you decide to do.”

At that moment I realized that my faith is my own. It is not my mom's or dad's. It doesn’t belong to my siblings. It isn’t my home church's. It isn’t Cru’s. It is mine. It is my God.

I belong to my God. I told my dad I was going to Chicago and he said ok. He ended up giving me about a fourth of my support and even giving some to some other people in Cru that needed it.

If God has really given you a desire to do project, then don’t let fear of parents keep you from playing the game.


Evan attended a Summer Mission with Cru in Chicago in 2015.

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