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Brooke Halteman

“I knew I needed to listen to God’s voice and love Him more than I love them. It wasn’t easy.”

My parents did not want me to go. It is illegal to share the gospel in the French-speaking, Muslim country I developed a heart for, located in West Africa.

What is crazy is that God was preparing my heart before I even realized it.

Last summer along with picking up a French minor, I wrote a report about how mission agencies can use mobile apps to communicate the gospel to Muslims in North Africa.

I received a call from JESUS FILM, which works with Cru, the week I turned in my report. They told me about a mission to a French-speaking, closed Muslim country that would be using their mobile app to reach Muslim students with the Gospel.

The first time I told my parents I was going to do JESUS Film, my mom cried. She wouldn’t look or talk to me. They even traveled two hours to talk with me about it and expressed their fears and disapproval. This resulted in a lot of tears and me struggling to figure out what God was trying to tell me.

It was horrible seeing how much it hurt them and stressed them out. I hated that, but I knew I needed to listen to God’s voice and love Him more than I love them. It wasn’t easy.

Everyone I asked had an opinion on whether I should go or not, but when I sat down with just God and His word, I had peace about the decision. I read about how Jesus calls us to leave everything behind, to love him more than anything else and to go on specific missions.

I talked to people who were similarly minded when it comes to missions. I made pros/cons lists. But the most important part was sitting with my Bible to see what God says about following him where He leads and learning that I have to ultimately listen to God’s voice over everyone else’s.

In the end, I decided to follow what the Lord was telling me. My parents said the last thing they wanted to do was get in the way of God’s will for my life. They supported me even though their feelings of not wanting me to go didn’t change. I’m very blessed to have had that.

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