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“For a while, complacency kept me from raising support.”

My walk with God was stagnant—I’d hit a plateau. But all my friends could talk about was how amazing their Summer Missions experiences were. The more I listened to their stories, the more I felt God nudging me with the notion that a summer mission was just what I needed to grow closer to Him.

I applied and was accepted to go to VA Beach. However, shortly after that, I struggled with a lack of intentionality in regard to my support raising. I kept putting it off and putting it off until, before I knew it, it was May—only a month before the trip was to start. I had made no moves to gain financial support and my time to do so was only slipping from my hands.

Finally, God gave me a day free of plans and distractions. Convictions in my heart told me to stop wasting my time on foolish things and start writing and mailing support letters. Looking back, I know God gave me that day to combat complacency and tackle the daunting task of support raising. All I could do was obey His convictions and faithfully press on because, regardless of our feelings or attitude, God can and will still use us for His glory.

Andrew went to Virginia Beach in 2014.





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