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“The total amount of support I needed to raise seemed overwhelming and downright impossible.”

At the close of my freshman year of college, I witnessed a dramatic change in my best friend after he returned from a summer mission at Virginia Beach. I wanted that experience. I knew in my heart that I wanted that kind of incredible transformation in my own life.

After I applied and was accepted to go to VA Beach, I was faced with the intimidating task of raising over $3,000. Asking for donations felt more like begging for handouts. I have always been a financially independent person which made asking for support a difficult lesson in humility for me. In addition, the total was a staggering amount that seemed like an impossible goal to reach. My stress levels increased as my faith in God’s provision decreased.

Still, I was faithful to mail support letters with a desperate prayer for God’s help. My hope in Him was dwindling, but it wasn’t completely lost. Soon after, I was met with a huge donation from one supporter that blew my expectations out of the water. In one day, I saw God’s provision so clearly and my outlook was entirely changed. He continued to restore my hope and destroy my doubt as generous support from my church, family, and friends flooded in. From doubting I would reach my goal to actually surpassing it, I felt God’s love poured out on me. The most important and challenging step is to trust God, but when we trust Him, He does not let us down.

Alexander attended Virigina Beach in 2014.

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