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Adelyn's Summer Mission Story

After prayer and consideration, I decided to decline a job offer I had for the summer and go on a Summer Mission to Santa Cruz.

I hesitated writing and sending my support letters because I wasn’t convinced I would be able to raise the money and I wasn’t convinced Summer Mission was actually going to be worth it. It seemed like such an unknown and I was so close several times to backing out.

I asked God, ‘Why?’

A little over a month before I was supposed to leave, I still had over $4,000 to raise. I would have loved to be fully supported before I left. God said “No, I have something greater planned.” And He did.

I confessed trying to do it in my own strength, looked to Him in my frustration and I offered up my shame of feeling like I wasn’t good enough to raise support and go. Through being still and listening, God really gave me the freedom to trust.

I didn't send out my support letters until mid-April because I didn't even have the funds to buy material to print and get them mailed. Within the first week and a half I sent the letters. I made the phone calls. I raised over $2,000 and had someone offer to pay for my plane ticket. It blew me away.

My mom kept sending me texts of letters and checks people were sending to my house. We would both sit on the phone and cry because it was amazing what God was doing. He made it so clear that He is the provider and wanted me to be serving in Santa Cruz.

This is a summer I will never recover from; but I don’t want to recover.

I don’t want to go back to where I was. I want more. I want realness. And I learned that this summer.

Raising support was so much more than just getting checks so I could grow. Raising support was part of the mission for me. God did so much in my heart through having to release everything to him and I found joy knowing my God came through for me.


Adelyn attended a Summer Mission with Cru in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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